pain is lonely
I live with chronic pain. It stops me from enjoying my life. Sometimes I get so desperate i don't know what to do and sometimes it leads me to a very dark place.
I want to see my patients getting well
I get frustrated when I don't have the tools
What can I do?
What PIP say
During NPW2016 people in pain shared ideas about what a service that works for them would look like.
Chronic pain doesn't only happen to older people. Kids, young people ... anyone can experience chronic pain
the app
All about Pain Cools, the winning app. Join the winning team - we need people and resources - tech professionals, teams, funding?
NPW Conference
This year we build on the conversation at Westmead Hospital in Sydney

"Pain is serious but its worse if you don't have a good partnership with your healthcare team" can I choose my healthcare team?

The Pain Journey

There is no particular order in the journey for people in pain.

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Pain Services

What is a "pain service" and what do I need to know?

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People in pain share their stories for National Pain Week 2017

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Pain is not invisible 2017

What has changed since 2008? Results coming soon

2009 report

Our Philosophy - Who are we?

National Pain Week is convened by Chronic Pain Australia. We are dedicated to reducing the social and other barriers to living with chronic pain. We are a group of people who are tired of the way things are for people in pain. You may be feeling quite isolated and 'over it' and feel that no one really understands your experience. You might even feel that people don't believe you. Many people tell us about these experiences. Don't despair, you aren't crazy! And you aren't on your own either. The Chronic Pain Australia vision is that no Australian living with persistent pain should suffer alone or without access to resources and information which help them effectively manage their pain in a manner promoting dignity and self respect, regardless of age, gender, culture, belief, socio-economic or compensation status.

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Our Aim

Care and compassion count.

Lets disrupt the stigma. Together anything is possible.