Dr Coralie Wales

Coralie Wales is the founder and current President of Chronic Pain Australia, the first ever organisation standing up for Australians in pain. In this role since 2006 Dr Wales has worked to build a societal understanding of the consumer experience of illness and disability. She has conceived and executed many national and online consumer-driven campaigns to strengthen the partnership between provider and consumer of healthcare services. Along with her Chronic Pain Australia team she has led collaborative campaigns with significant partners including with the Commonwealth Government (NPS MedicineWise: a communication tool for people in pain) and another with NSW Health’s Agency for Clinical Innovation (development of an online resource “PainBytes”).

In 2015 she won first prize in the APAC International Conference presentation in the "Co-Cesign" category for "Nothing about us without us" and in 2016 she was awarded the University of Sydney Alumni Prize for Community Achievement…

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Professor Phil Siddall

Philip Siddall is Director of the Pain Management Service at Greenwich Hospital in Sydney and Conjoint Professor in Pain Medicine at the University of Sydney. After graduating from medicine, he spent 3 years in China studying acupuncture. He returned to Australia and completed a doctorate in pain physiology and now combines clinical pain medicine focussing on chronic non-cancer pain with research into various aspects of pain including pain following spinal cord injury, pain modulation pathways and spiritual and existential issues in pain. As well as publication of scientific journal articles and book chapters, he is co-author of two books written for people living with pain: The Pain Book and The Spinal Cord Injury Pain Book.…

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Ms Petrea King

Petrea King is a naturopath, herbalist, yoga and meditation teacher and is the Founder and CEO of Quest for Life. She has lived with chronic pain for most of her life and has utilised an holistic approach to its management. Petrea is the author of eight best-selling books and a dozen meditation practices on CD including Releasing Pain. For the past 30 years Petrea has worked with people living with life’s greatest challenges including chronic pain.…

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Ms Anne-Marie Elias

Anne-Marie Elias is social change connector, strategist and innovator who has worked on breaking the cycle of disadvantage for almost 30 years. Disappointed with the status quo, Anne-Marie became @ChiefDisrupter with a mission to bring innovation to solve social problems.

She preaches the gospel of Disruptive Social Innovation and re-purposes methods used in tech, start up, entrepreneurship and design to innovate responses to tipping point problems. Collaboration is her calling card and she brings together cross sector efforts to support social change initiatives.

Anne-Marie recently collaborated with muru-D, to run TechFugees Australia - a hack for refugee settlement and is a devotee of  Open Government, Open Data and GovHack.…

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Dr Ian Relf

Ian has 25 years of medical experience in General Practice as well as Women's Health & Emergency medicine.

He has been practicing Medical Acupuncture for 15 years and is the National Chair of the Australian Medical Acupuncture College (AMAC) Examination Panel.

Ian is a Medical Expert panelist for the NSW Health Commission. He currently practices in Melbourne treating people living with chronic pain with medical acupuncture using needles and laser. He has an appointment at the AUSTIN Hospital Cancer Centre as a Medical Acupuncturist.

Ian is on the Board of Arthritis Foundation and has experience in medical research at University of Melbourne. He has recently submitted for peer reviewed publication an evidence-based review of Acupuncture trials.…

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Dr Caroline West

Dr Caroline West is a well known Media TV Doctor with programs including Beyond Tomorrow, Guide to the Good Life and Mornings. As a GP she has a special interest in lifestyle medicine and the management of Chronic Pain. She is the past president of the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association.…

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Associate Professor David Allsop

David Allsop is an Associate Professor in Psychopharmacology at the University of Sydney. David’s research has traditionally been addiction focused, specialising in cannabis dependence and withdrawal effects associated with quitting cannabis. This body of work led to the first clinical trial in Australia where pharmaceutical grade cannabis based medicines were given to humans as a Cannabinoid Replacement Therapy. David has published widely in the area of cannabis and cannabinoids and has authored several book chapters and papers on the history of cannabis research and the pharmacology of medicinal cannabis.…

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Chris has a major interest and has been an advocate for the arts and has served on various boards and advisory committees including as the inaugural Chairman of the National Film and Sound Archives of Australia, as a member of the Honorary Advisory Council of the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts, as a member of the Theatre Board of the Australia Council and of the Board of the National Institute of Dramatic Arts.…

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Professor Jeff Hughes

Prof Jeff Hughes is the former Head of the School of Pharmacy, Curtin University. He graduated from the Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT) with a BPharm degree in 1978, since then he has completed three postgraduate degrees including his PhD which he received in 2007. Jeff has received a number of state and national awards for his contribution to pharmacy education, practice and research including the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s Pharmacist of the Year award in 2004, the AACP-Pfizer Consultant Pharmacist Award in 2009 and the Australasian Pharmaceutical Sciences Association Medal in 2014.…

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Dr Helen Richards

Helen Richards is an Osteopath and lives with ongoing pain as a result of chronic auto immune illness. Having a foot in both of these camps gives her an interesting insight about the challenges of being the patient living with persistent health issues and also as the practitioner who is helping to guide another through the process of recovery from pain through manual therapy and education.

She has a great interest in the use of one branch of neuroplastic techniques as a form of treatment in managing chronic pain; specifically the 'no equipment required' techniques such as meditation, movement & body awareness, art and music.…

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Mr Anthony Ackroyd

Anthony Ackroyd is one of Australia’s most successful stand up comics and comedy writers. He is currently one of the stars of ABC’s Thank God It’s Friday!, the top rating radio comedy show in Australia. In his stellar career as a stand up comic he has produced laughter live in front of audiences ranging in number from a private party of 10 to 110,000 at Stadium Australia. Anthony rose to prominence as a star of ABC TV’s legendary comedy series The Big Gig and has performed and written for hundreds of Australian and international TV shows, radio programmes, and feature films (he’s even been a question on Wheel Of Fortune!). He now teaches people how to use humour and laughter to create more happiness, energy and success in all areas of life. Anthony's work is recognised worldwide and he has received the ultimate validation of his expertise, an endorsement on Oprah Winfrey’s website.…

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Thomas Arkell

Thomas Arkell is a Masters student at the University of Sydney. He is currently preparing to launch a clinical trial that will investigate the effects of vaporised medicinal cannabis on driving ability. He receives the inaugural postgraduate scholarship from the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics.…

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