I have lived with pain in my lower back and hip for years after an injury. I hurt myself cleaning a spa bath and had five months off work. The pain never went away but I went back to work anyway. For several years I went back and forth to doctors and complained about the pain. It seemed like i was soon labelled as a hypochondriac.

Well I took pain killers and kept on working and would come home from my cleaning job and just crawl into bed. The pain in my hip would have travelled down my leg and across my foot making walking hell. Making it worse was the extra weight i was carrying. 

Then my husband passed away and life became harder. Next thing a doctor put me on antidepressants for the pain? I spiralled down rapidly and thought i was losing my mind.

So one day i chucked the pills and had a good look at my eating habits, out went all the sugary foods the preservatives, the soft drinks and fried foods. In with fresh and healthy. The weight started to fall off and the pain became more manageable. Now nine months on and i do still have pain and am taking pills for osteoarthritis. The pain is nowhere near what it was and only seems to get really bad when i overdo things. i believe the unhealthy way i was eating was making my pain a lot worse.

Could be that a lot of doctors might learn from listening to pain sufferers instead of dismissing then out of hand.

Winter is the real test of chronic pain management, the cold weather makes it worse. My pain levels are not bad. I keep the weight off and that helps. At the moment I am only taking Mobic and staying away from processed foods and sugars. Some days after my cleaning job the pain is terrible but not as bad as when I was eating rubbish!

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