I'm 30yrs old and a mother of a 4 year old boy. I have endometriosis, pcos and adenomyosis and live daily with my chronic pain condition.

I would say I have had endo and pcos since puberty. I had severe period pains during high school, it would flood out onto my school dress every month and I would sneak to the toilets to wash my dress. I would have many over the counter pain killers daily and I thought this was all normal.

I could bleed for up to 6 months at a time then have 2 weeks break and start again for a few months. I was placed on the pill to help my periods at 17. I would continue to have cyclical painful periods. Pap smears were very scary and painful however I never knew why and just assumed it was normal.

At 25 years I had my first laparoscopy. I was told I had symptoms of endo and pcos. I was told my ovaries didn't produce eggs And I was encouraged to go on clomid with weekly blood tests to see if I ovulated. I was told the baby would heal everything. After 4 months and excess weight gain I went off it as it was unsuccessful. I was taken off my pill by this same specialist and was told I would have to go IVF for a baby which I was ok with as I wasn't ready for a bay...then unexpectedly I fell pregnant.

I struggled severely with the pregnancy as I wasn't ready. I went and seen this specialist who told me I had a gastro bug. I figured out I was pregnant and went back. I was considering an abortion however was told to think about this as this might be my only chance. I kept my son!

At 40 weeks plus 1 day I went into Wollongong hospital and I was 2cm dilated. The doctor did a sweep and I was in severe vaginal pain not related to the baby. The next day I was induced. I had complications. I had my waters broken twice, I never got further than stage 1 labour and 3cm, my cervix became swollen and outside of my vagina in a donut shape. I had an emergency c section.

Post this my pain became severely worse. I continued to suffer in silence as I had no one to talk to and didn't know where to go to for help.

I went to two gynos in Wollongong, both whom told me to have another baby and a hysterectomy and I would be healed. The pain post baby was severe. It interfered in my life, my job, my studies... My happiness.

I couldn't have sex, Pap smears I was in tears just horrible. The last Wollongong specialist told me there is nothing more he can do for me and he will see me when I'm ready to have another baby and took me off his book.

I then went to royal womens in Sydney and I am finally receiving the help any woman deserves. I am only early days and due to suffering in silence my chronic pain condition is going to take years to work on. I have numb areas of my stomach, pelvic, back and bum due to the ongoing pain.

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