I experienced significant psychological and physical trauma at the tender age of 18 months at the hands of a trusted family member. At age 4, I fell from a balcony onto a cement slab and broke my sacro-ilium which is still un-mended now at age 42. Numerous other events, physical and psychological occurred throughout my life time, which contributed to a personal belief that I was useless, hopeless, life was too hard and ultimately I became chronically depressed and suicidal. I firmly believed for years that I was just a hypochondriac and my mother, bless her, simply couldn't understand how I could possibly have ANOTHER headache!

It turns out that the back injury was never identified at the time, as I was up and running around being cheeky within no time. I grew and so did my pain but I was too young to express it. By the age of 8, I lived with neck pain, back pain, headaches and migraine constantly. I don't use the word 'constantly' lightly. It is deliberate in purpose as that is what I experienced. Several factors would aggravate the problem but nothing solved it.

I swallowed paracetamol like other kids swallowed Jellybeans. My saving grace was that I was always physically active and my body was lean and strong. I somehow intuitively knew that being fit and active was the only link to a reduction in my pain levels. I was an avid swimmer, due to growing up on the coast so it all helped. Eventually, the paracetamol and aspirin took their toll on my body and by 16 I was having a gastroscope down my throat to find the source of crippling stomach pain. Ulcers were the culprits.

There is more to this than I have covered here, yet the ending is beautiful and shines hope on everyone's darkness who live in a state of chronic pain. After researching, trial and error, and ultimately being as stubborn as anything, I have been living virtually pain free each day without drugs, chemicals or any particular weird routines.

I love to share my story of hope to help remove the stigma associated with chronic pain in our country (and the world).

I am a Life Coach, running my own business. I have two published books, "The Change: Insights Into Self Empowerment" (Book 5, co-authored with world leaders). "Back From The Brink" my own personal story with strategies to help others overcome similar situations. I host free (just room hire cover) weekly sessions, "Conversations With A Life Coach" to build community awareness around mindset training for success and building compassion in general.
I am all about helping. 

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