I grew up in country Victoria on my parents’ dairy farm, a very full on sporty kid into football, water skiing, running and of course motor bikes. I was mad keen on racing and riding with my friends. At the age of 16 we moved to another farm in Southern NSW and here I stepped up my racing. I also started a diesel mechanic apprenticeship in 1994 when I was 17. After racing for a few years in 1998 I decided motor bikes were too dangerous and took up water ski racing. As I had water skied all my life I was a natural and did very well in my first few years of racing.

In 2004 I won my first Vic Titles and started travelling far and wide to every race in the country. In 2006 I raced in NZ and then off to the US. I had my sights set on making the 2007 Australian team for the world championships but then on September 9th 2006 I came unstuck while training and had a bad fall.

I crashed at almost 105mph and suffered a left brachial plexus injury. My left arm was totally paralysed!! The following 2 years my life was turned upside down,. Surgery after surgery trying to get any sort of movement back. But the worst of it was the pain that I suffered. I had to get used to taking tablets every 8 hrs and at one point I was taking up to 80 tablets per day. I tried acupuncture, hypnotherapy, deadening agent injection, Cchinese herbalists, and of course marijuana to help with the pain!! I had a good job as a Vehicle Maintenance Manager from 2002 but at the beginning of 2009 I was let go.

I started running my own business doing hydraulics which actually went quite well, I did do it hard working with 1 arm and my other arm in a sling but after 3 years I got so tired of chasing customers for their money. In feb 2012 I got a break and got my foot in the door in the mining industry as a Diesel Mechanic.

Now over 3 years later I am working full time for Rio Tinto as a Heavy Duty Diesel Fitter, I have been though many ups and downs and dragged through the hot coals doing fitness tests but I am pretty sure I am one of only a few people that work in the mining industry with a paralysed left arm!! Yes I still suffer very bad chronic pain but I learn to manage it with correct diet, sleep, can’t drink alcohol any more but I am leading a very good life. Married to my partner of 12 years whom also saw my crash and 2 beautiful children. Well that is my 'Very Rushed' Story.  As I say: 'There is no point kicking stones around for the rest of your life, you gotta get out there and do something for yourself coz nobody is going to do it for you'

A lot has happened since then, more exciting stuff, I am almost medication free! 

In April2016  my family and I made a bold decision and have moved to Bali! We did this for a number of reasons, firstly I work in mining and on a 2 weeks on 1 week off roster i fly back to work for 2 weeks in WA and then back to Bali for my week off. We also wanted to skip a winter as NE Vic gets damn cold and the cold definitely affects my left para arm. Also our oldest doesn't start scool till 2017 so we were like 'Lets do this while we can'!

In Bali i have met some great natural therapists and one man in particular has helped me with his deep tissue massage. Also the meds i am on in Australia are not available in Bali, this worried me somewhat as I thought we would have to move back to Australia.

However with the help of my Bali man I stopped taking oxynorm. I was on 8 to 12 x 30mg tabs per day. I have now reduced my Methadone to 3 tablets per day. I am so happy with myself!! Yeah i am in pain but i gave always been in pain but the happiness it brings me to be getting off the drug of addiction is awesome!

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