I would like to tell you about the most important person in my life, my wife.

I am over 6 foot and the biggest surprise in my life at the birth of our first born our son, to watch my tiny wife give birth to our 9 lb son was amazing, to watch her go through that and only seconds later laying there with our son laying on her chest, the look of contentment on her face was amazing, and 18 months’ latter to watch again as she gave birth to our daughter who weighed in at 9lb 9 ozs was just as amazing.

This lady has always amazed me, the way she always put our children’s needs first, her love for all animals, (we have 8 dingoes in our back yard).

Ann runs her own business as well as working for another company 3 days a week. After the children were born she went back to school as a mature aged student, she did a degree in Agricultural Science, upon completion she got a job managing a fruit orchard, I liked this as I got to work with her and as we lived on the orchard our children had plenty of room to explore. Ann did another post graduate course.

Then what seems now like forever Ann started having bad days, days where she would just feel down, then she started to have pains, like aches and sore points on her body, I would sometimes have to give her massages to try and help ease the pain, the pain got worse and the massages just didn’t help for long, Ann then turned to pain killers, to point were in the end she was bleeding internally. 

After a visit to the hospital and having a camera put into her stomach to see how bad things were she soon discovered that things were very bad, looking at the photo we could see so much damage to her stomach that I was worried I might lose her. By this stage Ann was taking around 15 to 20 pills morning and night, the doctor told her she had to stop taking the pain killers or things would only get worse.

Ann applied for pain clinic course in Melbourne at Saint Vincent's hospital, you had to apply and then you had to go and see a list of doctors and see if they would accept you for the course as so many people wanted to do it but they only had very limited numbers that they could do.

After Ann’s first interview they told he they definitely wanted her to do the course and that she was at the top of the next available course, the course was for three weeks full time and it was to get her of her pain killers, that was the hardest part of Ann’s life, stopping taking those pain killers even though they didn’t help much it was the only hope she had of at least finding some small relief. 

For that 3 weeks Ann was in Melbourne going through hell and I was stuck back home in the country a 5-hour drive away, and then to watch her go through hell for months after trying to deal with the withdrawals, it was hell for her and for me and our children who had to watch their mother go through all this pain and what it was doing to her life, it is not only the person suffering the pain the suffers but it the whole family that suffers.

Ann still suffers, only now it is worse than ever, she is in pain 24/7, she still works full time as well as running her own business, she teachers the unemployed skills to help them get a job, and she feels so strongly for the ones that really want to find a job but can’t, she is a very caring person especially for the underdog or the suffering.

She is also doing a PhD online, so her life is full on.

One of the few moments I have seen Ann enjoy life was when I managed to get for her to meet the curator at the MCG and for her to actually stand in the middle of the MCG, Ann is a cricket lover was there as a teenager to see the famous under arm bowler, and also to have Merve Hughes ask her and her 15-year-old friend if they would like to come and have a spa with him. She is looking forward to learning more about chronic pain management as she spends many hours on the computer looking for any info she can on chronic pain. 


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