Trinny has lived with chronic pain from migraines for around two and a half years, and experiences constant pressure behind her eye, and pain down the side of her neck. While she had experienced migraines on and off before, her doctors still have no explanation for why she one day developed a migraine that never really went away.

Trinny’s sleep is badly impacted, leaving her exhausted and grumpy, as well as in pain.

She has tried many different treatment options, including Botox and acupuncture, but nothing has worked for her. Strong painkillers don’t seem to help the pain, and usually make her feel sick.

Trinny’s work has been significantly affected as she has had to take a lot of sick leave, and she also struggles getting her colleagues to understand that it’s more than ‘just a headache’. Often her colleagues will accuse her of being grumpy, and not consider that she is actually exhausted and in constant pain.

Chronic pain impacts Trinny’s home life as well, as she is often in a haze of pain and not really able to cope. Her family, too, struggle to understand what she is going through.

Trinny feels that there is not enough awareness of what it’s like to live with chronic pain, and wishes that her colleagues and family could understand what she goes through every day. For Trinny, the pain is constant, and even when she looks and acts like there’s nothing wrong, she’s still in pain. She has tried many different treatments to try and get relief, but the pain is still there.

Trinny says:

“I liken it to Woody Woodpecker tapping away at your head all day every day… and on top of that your head feels like it’s in a vice, gradually getting tighter and tighter…with your head feeling like it’s going to pop at any moment.”

“I wish that other people understood that just because someone doesn’t have a plaster cast on them, or a sign that says ‘I’m in pain’, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong.”

“You can’t see my pain, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. It’s always there. I try to stay positive but some days it’s really hard to even get out of bed.”

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