I was a very healthy person: eating the right food, going to the gym, a non smoker etc. I have been suffering with IBS for more than 10 years. In 2014 I became very sick and the GP diagnosed me with lung infection. After being hospitalised the physician did a scope and diagnosed me with GERD. My esophagus was so burned from reflux. My symptoms were coughing I -  did not even have heartburn. 

The doctors then discovered a hernia and they had to make it smaller after the first operation in May 2014. I battled to eat -any food or drink would get stuck in my throat. This went on for months. After several visits to the specialist I got a second opinion and another specialist did another operation which was succesfull. Then in January 2015 I was diagnosed with Gilbert Syndrome, in March and April 2015 I was diagnosed with fybromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Ths pain was and is terrible. The tiredness is aweful. In June 2015 my spleen bursted spontaniously and i had to go an emergency operation and a full blood transfusion, only by a miracle i survived and with the Grace of God.

Then in November 2015 my lower intestine twisted and i had another operation. Between these operations I was still admitted to hospital for pain management.

In 2016 I was hospitalised about 10 times for pain management due to fibromyalgia and the severe flairups i got.

I was also admitted with gastritis.

In October 2016 i was admitted from hospital into in neuro clinic. I met a wonderfull psychiatrist and i was diagnosed with severe unresponsive depression. I am currently on trial medication. The pain is still severe but my flairups are less. In 2017 I have been hospitalised twice once for gastritis and once for fybro flairup.

I am currently on Temporary disability benefits as I battle to drive due to pain. I have severe memory loss. I have to write everything down and make voice recordings.

I am currently on a trial study and antidepressant, but no pain medication as I have been on several and nothing worked.

I can tell you that my life is a miracle. I sometimes too dont know how I cope.

I have an extremely good support system in place with my family and friends. I am also a believer and know that God has a plan for me to inspire people not to give up.

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