My name is Denada Xhafa, I'm 32 years old, from Tirana (Albania). 

Although I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for a decade, more than six years ago my health deteriorated so much I had to leave my job. Then the consequences started: the quality of my life started decreasing and so did my social life.

I have invested too much, both emotionally and financially in and out of private hospitals and clinics during these long years. 

The Albanian State doesn't give me any financial aid and it doesn't reimburse the medications either. All my expenses have been covered  in a sacrifical way by my parents who are retirees.

I have submited requests to the Ministry of health (Nr. of protocol Xh7, date: 19.05.2017)  and the Prime Ministry (nr. of protocol:2047, date: 01.06.2017 ) about gaining financial aid and to reimburse the medications. I have only recieved from them indifference and lack of solidarity for my disease.

Often people say to me: ''This is not a disease, there is not a single line about fibromyalgia in the medical manuals!'' Medics in Albania are little or maybe not at all informed about Fibromyalgia.

I am sure that just like it has happend to me in the past, doctors might have told to other patients too:''You are not really sick, this is all in your mind''. We feel totally unrepresented and destined to remain untreated like patients in the third world.

I speak a little English, so I am writing this email in the presence of my niece who knows English better.



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