"Our solution ties together best practice personal experiences and peer support to provide a personalised toolkit that enables people with chronic pain to plan and achieve a significant goal".

This is how the winning team of Chronic Pain Australia's World's first Hackathon for pain in 2016 describe their winning app. 

This is your chance to get involved to bring the app to the people who need it.

If you are a

  • developer,
  • graphic designer, 
  • coder
  • other digital professional

We are interested in hearing from you.

We also need resourcing to do this - contact us if you are interested.

Co-design between people living with pain and tech professionals

It used a co-design approach to build an online solution – an “app” - in a collaboration between digital technology professionals and people living with the effects of chronic pain. It aimed to develop a minimum viable prototype of an app to address the lifestyle, social and psychological needs of people living with chronic pain, as identified by people in pain themselves.

Digital professionals?

Digital professionals include coders, programmers, graphic designers, communications professionals, web designers, project managers, user experience professionals and others in the digital production world. They formed teams including people living with the problems caused by chronic pain, collaborating intensively to build an app to solve the problems as identified by people living with chronic pain.

“Co-design” helps break down stigma

Co-design methodology is about developing ideas with the people who will benefit from the end solution. Being mentored by people living with chronic pain and their loved ones, the teams of digital professionals will, from the very beginning, start to understand what it is like to live with pain, an experience frequently not understood. This in itself helps reduce the stigma associated with chronic pain. We hope to create an app with value, quality and community trust.

How did it happen?

A highly experienced project team led by Anne-Marie Elias - aka Chief Disruptor - brought the hack to life during the weekend of 20 to 22 May 2016 in Sydney. As a co- design hackathon, people living with chronic pain, their families and carers contributed to the development of the app/website. They mentored the hackers, in person and via Skype. Through this sharing of experiences turned upside down the usual approach to health apps, making the health consumer integral to the creation of the product, strengthening trust and improving experience.


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