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My Pain My Brain
by Melanie Thernstrom

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We have talked about pain, now let’s talk about it TOGETHER

The vision is for people in pain and pain clinicians thinking TOGETHER about how to live with pain and still be able to live life in the community. This involves building relationship of understanding the lived experience of chronic pain. Clinicians who do this say it transforms their practice:

“The Pain Listening Posts convened by Chronic Pain Australia throughout the Hunter New England region in 2010 helped us understand the need for our rural consumers to be heard and better connected to our pain service at the John Hunter Hospital. We now have a telehealth pain program that has assisted many in the LHD.”

Fiona Hodson, Clinical Nurse Consultant Hunter Integrated Pain Service, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

“After attending the Chronic Pain Australia Conference in 2015 I gained a new perspective and inspiration for my work. It reinforced for me the importance of a meaningful relationship between the client and the clinician. I was reminded of the loneliness and the isolation that the person living with pain experiences but also of the hope that a positive partnership between the client and the health provider can bring.”

Jane Bradshaw, chronic pain physiotherapist

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