For this year's 'Faces of Pain', we have also collected and collated over 20 written stories of Australians living with chronic pain, and various conditions, illnesses and disabilities throughout Australia.

Faces of Pain is to show that anyone and everyone can experience and be living with chronic pain - there is no 'look' to what living life with chronic pain is like. 

These stories are written in each participant's own words and are designed to uplift real voices and experiences to bring more awareness and understanding of the challenges that people in pain experience. 

We want everyone to know that just because pain is invisible, the person experiencing it and the impact of pain on their life, is not. 

Thank you to all the wonderful Face of Pain written participants for sharing their stories and helping to bridge the gap of understanding and awareness. 

 Hannah Pennington

 Carolyn Papworth

 Meg Warner

 Marika Silwedel

 Nadine Curtis

 Raquel Ferguson

 Daniel Monteleone

 Keiley Mead

 Erica Manser

 Megan Kuleas

 Jess Price

 Grace Corcoran

 Tegan Bell

 Ruby McGrath-Lester

 Karen Shearan

 Akii Ngo

 Emma Clements

 Rob Beeby

Jessica Kelly photo Jess Kelly

 Nikki Roberts

 Rebecca McDonald

Tracey Morris 


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Connect with us. Your story matters. Your voice matters. 

Feel free to post your lived experiences of chronic pain or share your stories! 

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