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My Pain My Brain
by Melanie Thernstrom

Time the secret killer

Living with chronic pain has a huge impact for many people. Pain starts to disrupt your life and it stops you from doing things. Over time this can mean you spend more time at home and your friends become further removed. Many people living with pain tell us that they get tired of explaining how they are to their friends and family members. 

What can I do?

Firstly, if you feel you are becoming sad and depressed, you can read about pain and depression and start taking steps to get help. 

Pain and depression

Secondly, you can straight away go to our 24/7 forum where many people living with pain and feeling isolated are able to connect with each other, share their experiences truthfully and all without judgement or advice. 

Connect with others living with chronic pain - 24/7 


Social Media #ChronicPainAus

Connect with us. Your story matters. Your voice matters. 

Feel free to post your lived experiences of chronic pain or share your stories! 

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